Embrace the


(Of the Digital Space)
The digital landscape is a chaotic place.
I'm a designer who thrives in a bit of
(how lucky!)
"Oh yeah?
Prove it!"
Click the "change color" button at any time to generate a new color pallet for the site.
change colors
"But 'the web' is more than just colors!"
Correct. Which is why you need a good designer.
Please feel free to read a case study or two to validate my point.
see my work

How's that Color Change Work?

The code itself is running through a few steps:
  • Generate a color for the page background
  • Generate a color for the on-page elements
  • Check that the contrast between these colors is at least 7:1 (AAA)*
  • If not, generate a new on-page element color until it is
*At first I was using AA (4:1) but that lead to some seriously rough color combos. AAA contrast tended to yield more visually appealing pairs more often than not.
If you want to know more, I wrote a whole thing about this.
Now what?
Read more about my philosophy and approach on the "About" page.
See some examples of what I do, find your way to the "Work" page.
deals with predictability in complex systems."
--Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park)