Embrace the


(Of the Digital Space)
The digital landscape is a chaotic place.
I'm a designer who thrives in a bit of
(how lucky!)
"Oh yeah?
Prove it!"
Click the "change color" button at any time to generate a new color pallet for the site.
change colors
"But 'the web' is more than just colors!"
Correct. Which is why you need a good designer.
Please feel free to read a case study or two to validate my point.
see my work

How's that Color Change Work?

The code itself is running through a few steps:
  • Generate a color for the page background
  • Generate a color for the on-page elements
  • Check that the contrast between these colors is at least 7:1 (AAA)*
  • If not, generate a new on-page element color until it is
*At first I was using AA (4:1) but that lead to some seriously rough color combos. AAA contrast tended to yield more visually appealing pairs more often than not.
If you want to know more, I wrote a whole thing about this.
Now what?
If you are a fan of long-winded web copy, you can read more about my philosophy and approach (along with some other fun facts) on the "About" page.
But if you’d rather just get down to brass tacks and see some examples of what I do, find your way to the "Work" page.
deals with predictability in complex systems."
--Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park)