Sizewise: product fleet update


Sizewise Manufacturing


2018 - Present


Brand Application

I was hired as a Designer at Sizewise in September 2017, about a month after the company formally rolled out a new brand. One of my main goals was to unify the visuals of our products under the new brand and standardize our visual language across all user touch points. I developed a visual design system to standardize how we could rebrand all of our different products and establish some sense of brand consistency. This system was applied to new products as well as retrofitting existing products in our fleet of rental equipment.

the new visual language for our products took much of its dna from this med-surg bed, the Alliance.

the visuals on the air support blower units would be many nurses first touch points with the brand.

the new parts were designed to work visually alongside the old mylars, this way they could be phased in as needed to replace old parts vs. a costly full-fleet rebrand.

part of the new visual system was a standardized library of iconography across all products. if caregivers could operate one sizewise product, they could work them all.

one of the many pieces of dna taken from the alliance bed was this rounded stroke. care was taken so that every product had the same "roundness" applied to these areas.

since sizewise got its start as a rental company, it was common to hear many
caregivers refer to our products as "the sizewise" vs. the actual product name. with the fleet update, we decided to lean into this and place greater emphasis on the brand name vs. the product name.

a concept drawing for mylar placement on our bariatric lift product. in updating existing products, i tried to streamline the number of mylars where possible to keep costs down. this particular product went from 8 to 4 mylars.

some style notes when creating product labels.

applying the same visual style to a new-build siderail design.