Red Kitchen


Red Kitchen Tamales


2019 - 2020



For this brand, I wanted to honor the Mexican culture of the owner, Alejandra. We agreed on a direction that borrowed equally from hand painted signage, Lucha Libre posters, and the bright colors of Papel Picado flags. Keeping with the handmade vibe, I wanted to make sure the logo, typefaces, and illustrations retained that hand crafted feel, which led to drawing out a whole alphabet to guarantee we got that "close but still human" feeling.

Primary branding reflected one-color printing techniques. Inspired by the patterned visuals of papel picado.

some illustrations used in the brand rollout.

"Full color" version of brand.

Alternate visuals for packagine based on Lucha Libre.

Alternate visuals for packagine based on Alebrijes.

Custom handmade type paying homage to Rotullas.