Rise & Grind bakery


Rise & Grind Bakery





It started with a name, an ampersand, and a mantra: "No $18 tarts...and no doilies." Since the ampersand was already baked into the name (pun intended), I decided it was the perfect jumping off point for the logo. The overall vibe of the brand had to echo an old school, hardworking, no-nonsense bakery, something I embraced for the large store sign, (an ornate relic of a pre-mobile-friendly era). for colors, the bakery itself provided the best palette.

The ampersand was one of the only established elements at the start of the project, so it became core to the logo's DNA.

For smaller applications, the icon logo works by itself.

Inspiration for the color palette was taken from the environment of an old school bakery.

For the building signage, I wanted to throw back to the pre-digital era that the bakery was inspired by and make a big, ornate, totally un-scalable crest. It was also a great place to lean into all of the offerings that r&g had.